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Throughout the course of 2021, F&L Search carried out a survey with the objective of increasing our understanding of salespeople in the finance world. 

All of the respondents to our survey were:


  • Client facing 

  • Working with technical products (SaaS, Research, Fintech…)

  • Selling to financial clients (asset managers, hedge funds, banks etc.)

  • Located in Europe or the US

Our findings from the survey have been documented in a series of 8 x reports, which will be published over the coming months, alongside webinars with industry experts sharing their insights on these topics.

To download any of the reports in our series, click the download links below:  

Icon report one.png

Report #1

Salespeople's Priorities

This report examines the priorities of financial salespeople when considering new job opportunities.


Report #4

Senior & Junior trends

This report looks at how salespeople change their priorities as they become more senior.

report number 2 icon.png

Report #2

Base Salary vs Bonus

This report looks at the split between base salary and bonus for salespeople as well as their preferred ratio.

Publication 3 thumbnail.png

Report #3

Account Management vs New Business

This report looks at the split between account management and new business for salespeople. some interesting gendered results

Jason Advice cover.png

Starting out in sales? Here is the advice from one of the best...


I interviewed Jason Glazer, COO of Cornerstone Macro, one of the most high profile research firms in the world that just successfully sold to Piper Sandler.

Listen to the advice he has for people who are starting out on the incredibly exciting journey to build a career in financial sales.

Other Articles

Perspectives from a Head of ODD 
February 2019

In this article we speak with a Head of ODD with over twenty years experience with a very large multi-manager outfit, where he has specialised in manager due diligence on hedge funds. In that time, he’s done front to back ODD on over 600 managers across institutions that have run large to small FoHF portfolios, always with veto power which has been exercised a few dozen times.


Click on the PDF icon to download the article.

Thoughts from a Top Fund Selector
January 2019

In this first article we speak with a senior fund selector with over a decade of institutional experience, an individual who has had the unique experience of working in fund sales, consulting, in-house fund selection and is now part of the investment team at a leading pension fund provider.


If you have any questions, comments or critique, or would like to speak about a particular topic please feel free to let us know.


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